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Your March Maddness Bracket Pool is Coming

Sports Brackets Explained

Sports Brackets or Bracketology is a hot topic usually around the culmination of every sports season. Whether NCAA March Madness, the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, World Series, or even NASCAR, everyone is quick to fill out their brackets and get wrapped up in the enthralling world of braketology. So what is a bracket? Well the idea of a bracket is more mathematical or rather statistical in nature. It is a diagrammatic representation or schematic of the possible routes to an outcome of elimination challenges or sports games for our purpose. Each team, horse, or player start out on equal footing on the outside of the bracket and begin to challenge each other. Some teams will have a greater inclination or probability of success which is where the science and skill of braketology comes in. As a player or team challenges another and wins, that player rises through the bracket ranks and the losing opponent is eliminated - their branch of the bracket goes no further in the competition.

The fun of sports brackets comes from the skill and ability to pick a winning route to the NCAA Basketball champion or the winner of the super bowl. A savvy bracket player will know that particular sport quite well and can accurately weight a basketball of football team accordingly to choose a winning bracket. Bracketology usually surrounds a pool whether among friends or coworkers. An entry fee primes the pot so the winning bracket holder can bring home a nice pay day after displaying their bracketology prowess.