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Standard Scoring Explained

Standard scoring or Straight scoring is probably the easiest to understand scoring method. Each correct pick is assigned 1 point from your bracket. So the first round has a maximum of 32 points, the second 16, and so forth. Another way to look at it is that each named round has half the number of points. For instance the SWEET 16 can only have 8 points as there are only 8 winners. The Elite 8, 4 points. The final four, 2 points.

As opposed to progressive scoring, standard scoring allows more opportunity to rack up the most number of points in the beginning of the bracket competition. And assuming your bracket does well the first two rounds, you natuarally would keep earning more points as you have more teams moving forward.

While this scoring method seems less exciting and does not always have the dramatic jumps in points for every basketball game, it tends to reward those who pick well throughout the entire competition. Everyone can score big in the first few rounds but only those who have good picks until the end will eventually persevere. Overall a fair balanced scoring method.